Divorce Counseling

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Divorce Counseling Service in Gurgaon

Our professional Divorce Lawyers in Gurgaon NCR offer counselling services to divorcing or divorced couples, not only in the legal and logistical aspects of the process, but also in the more personal, psychological aspects.

Divorce counseling can come before or after the legal procedure, and can help the individuals involved to resume their personal and professional lives after the ink has dried on their divorce papers.

Divorce counseling is a kind of relationship therapy designed for married couples on the verge or dealing with the aftermath of permanent separation. Divorce is a serious legal procedure that affects not just the separated couple, but also other members of their family.

In India alone, around one-fourth of all marriages end in divorce, with a significant number of people divorcing within the first five years of marriage.


Benefits of Divorce Counseling

  • Improvement of emotional and psychological wellness of the couple who are separating or has separated
  • Bring positive impact in their relationships with their family.
  • Their attitude toward this life-changing event can also improve.
  • Helps make you decide if you should really go forward with divorce process

The aim of divorce counseling in Gurgaon NCR is to help individuals adjust to their new lives, and process the negative after-effects of the separation on all aspects of their lives. Divorce counseling in Gurgaon is not required for all couples divorcing, but can be extremely helpful in preventing possible destructive thoughts and behaviours. Couples who are separating or have already separated can benefit by consulting a divorce therapist.