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Meet the best divorce lawyers in Gurgaon expert in the field of Mutual Divorce and other legal matrimonial issues. Mutual Divorce Online is one of the most experienced law firm in Gurgaon, specialized in Divorce cases. We’ve been offering our services in divorce matters for over 5 years.
When it comes to filing a divorce, the first thing comes in mind is long and complex legal process. However, our law firm has designed a process which saves your time, efforts & money and make the divorce process simply and easy for you. Now you can apply for divorce online just by sitting at home. Simply share your details with us and we take care of the rest.

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Meet the most experienced Divorce Law Firm in Gurgaon dedicated to provide the highest standards of legal support in all divorce matters

Mutual Divorce

Mutual Divorce is of the most efficient way to get divorced in Gurgaon, India. Mutual Consent Divorce means when both husband and wife mutually agree to get legally separated with all the terms & conditions discussed and agreed upon. Unlike Contested Divorce, the process of Mutual Divorce is rather smooth, quick and effective.
Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon enable you to move through your entire mutual consent divorce process from the comfort of your own home.

Mutual Divorce Lawyers

With Divorce Lawyers in Gurgaon, you can do your divorce the smart way, without spending lot of money and still get support from the best Mutual divorce lawyers in Gurgaon when you need it….at deeply reasonable fee; because you don’t have to pay a costly up-front retainer. Our Divorce Law Firm has 100% success rate in mutual divorce cases and we always give our best to obtain the divorce decree for our clients at the earliest.

Here at Divorce Lawyers in Gurgaon, we take care of the stressful details for you (e.g. waiting in line at the courthouse and drafting / service divorce papers), all while you move your Mutual  Divorce forward from the comfort of your own laptop or a single phone call. You don’t even need to go to Gurgaon Court just to get updates on your case or to perform tedious tasks.

You’ll have access to our professional Mutual Divorce Lawyers for free consultation over email or phone call anytime you need help. You save thousands of rupees while still getting top-notch legal support on divorce matters. All our Divorce Lawyers in Gurgaon are highly experienced & offer you first initial consultation for free.

Divorce by Mutual Consent in Gurgaon

Divorce by Mutual Consent is the most preferred and hassle-free way of dissolving marriage. Follow are some of the important information in relation to Mutual Divorce in Gurgaon:-

  • Both Parties i.e Husband & Wife have to reach to Mutual understanding and agreement regarding terms and conditions for Divorce.
  • On the basis of settlement and agreement, petition for Mutual Consent is drafted and filed under section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act and Under Christian Marriages, section 10 A of the Indian Divorce Act.
  • Divorce Petition gets drafted which includes terms of settlement agreed between parties.
  • Such Mutual Consent Divorce Petition shall be filed in the Gurgaon Court as court procedure.
  • Matter will come up for hearing in the Court for the First Motion to be passed.
  • Court then provides six months time to parties to reconsider their decision. This is also called the ‘Cooling Period’.
  • Then Second Motion is set up.
  • Aforesaid steps shall be repeated. Statement of parties will be recorded again.
  • After such recording of statement, Court will grant pass order and judgement, decree for divorce is granted.

6 month Cooling off Period

Law specifically provided six months gap or waiting period between First Motion and Second Motion. Prior to 2009, compliance of six months waiting was not mandatory. But, in 2009, Supreme Court made it mandatory and took away the power of the Family Court or the District Court to waive of period of six months. But, Supreme Court still has power to waive of the period of six months.

The six months period can be waived by concerned family Court upon filing an Application for waiver of six months. Family Court in Gurgaon has discretion to waive of the period. Thus, time period of six months can be waived off and may be reduced to as less as 15 days or a month or so.

Fees for Mutual Divorce

Our Fee Structure is very precise and transparent. We charge total of ₹28,000 (inclusive of all) for Mutual Consent Divorce. Here client don’t need to pay the entire fees in one go. Below is how the fee is charged:

  • ₹7,000 advance for drafting and filing the divorce case papers
  • ₹7,000 at the time of passing of first motion
  • ₹7,000 at the time of passing of second motion
  • ₹7,000 at the time of Divorce Decree

To apply for Mutual Divorce in Gurgaon, Fill out the Contact Form or Talk to expert divorce lawyer directly at +(91) 9654-355-275 or Write to us at mutualdivorceonline@gmail.com

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Contested Divorce

Contested divorce is just what it sounds like: one or both spouses contest (dispute) some aspect of their divorce. Therefore, the divorce proceedings take much longer to complete and typically involve greater stress and increased legal fees. Divorce - especially ones that are contested - are complex. Therefore, spouses in a contested divorce should definitely speak with an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon who can inform them of their legal rights and ensure they are fully protected.

We, experienced contested divorce lawyers in Gurgaon, are not here just guiding our clients through entire process, but we are also here dedicated to fight for your family law rights and assets.


Grounds for Contested Divorce


  • Divorce on the ground of Adultery
  • Divorce on the ground of Cruelty
  • Divorce on the ground of Desertion
  • Divorce on the ground of Conversion to another religion
  • Divorce on the ground of Unsoundness of mind or mental disorder
  • Divorce on the ground of Virulent and Incurable form of leprosy
  • Divorce on the ground of Venereal disease
  • Divorce on the ground of Renounce the World
  • Divorce on the ground of Not heard for a period of seven years or more


A divorce hits you emotionally and financially! While you take care of your state of mind during a  divorce proceeding- our team of best divorce lawyers will look after your hassles of dealing with a lawyer, ensuring you get legally represented by the most experienced divorce lawyers in Gurgaon.



Contested Divorce proceedings commences with filing of Divorce petition. Family Court/Civil Court causes a notice to be served on the opposite party for appearance.

On receipt of summons, opposite party has to appear in person and/or through divorce lawyer and file the response.

Court may try to resolve the differences between parties to start with by conducting conciliation or sending the matter to counselor/mediation center. If there is no settlement between parties, divorce case proceeds as per procedure.

Once initial allegation and response and counter allegations process are over, which is called pleading, case is set up for evidence after determining issues of controversy between parties.

Party initiating contested divorce has to start with the evidence first. Other party is given a chance to cross examination witness/es of the opposite party.

After that responding party i.e. Respondent has to lead evidence. Similarly, cross examination process is conducted by the divorce lawyer of opposite side.

After conclusion of evidence, Final arguments are advances by divorce lawyers from both sides.

Then the court pronounces judgement. If party initiating divorce is able to prove the case, Family Court/Civil Court will grant the decree of Divorce.

Contested divorce requires an expert divorce lawyer of Gurgaon either in prosecuting or defending divorce case. Such expert divorce lawyer in Gurgaon guides, strategize and plan the whole action. Effective planning by divorce lawyers increases the probability of success in the trial of the case for a favorable outcome.

Contested Divorce is a long process requiring through professional work and approach. Good Divorce lawyer like us take through these challenging and arduous task by his expertise and your counsel through turbulent and emotional time.

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Divorce Counselling Service

Our professional divorce lawyers in Gurgaon NCR offer counselling services to divorcing or divorced couples, not only in the legal and logistical aspects of the process, but also in the more personal, psychological aspects. Divorce counselling can come before or after the legal procedure, and can help the individuals involved to resume their personal and professional lives after the ink has dried on their divorce papers.

Divorce Counselling Service in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Divorce counselling is a kind of relationship therapy designed for married couples on the verge or dealing with the aftermath of permanent separation. Divorce is a serious legal procedure that affects not just the separated couple, but also other members of their family. In India alone, around one-fourth of all marriages end in divorce, with a significant number of people divorcing within the first five years of marriage.

Benefits of Divorce Counselling

  • Expected results of any kind of divorce counselling is the improvement of emotional and psychological wellness of the couple who are separating or has separated
  • Bring positive impact in their relationships with their family.
  • Their attitude toward this life-changing event can also improve.
  • Helps make you decide if you should really go forward with divorce process.


The aim of divorce counselling in Gurgaon NCR is to help individuals adjust to their new lives, and process the negative after-effects of the separation on all aspects of their lives. Divorce counselling in Gurgaon NCR is not required for all couples divorcing, but can be extremely helpful in preventing possible destructive thoughts and behaviours. Couples who are separating or have already separated can benefit by consulting a divorce therapist.

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NRI Divorce

When an Indian gets married to NRI and later wants a divorce, is called NRI Divorce. Our Law Firm is the most experienced divorce law firm in Gurgaon specially regarding NRI Divorce. We have a team of professional divorce lawyers expert in NRI Divorce matters in Gurgaon India.

For any queries, please call us or whats app us at 9654355275 or email to mutualdivorceonline@gmail.com

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions related to the NRI Divorce.

What is NRI Divorce? 

In simple terms – A Indian who has married an NRI and seeking divorce, is called NRI Divorce

Can NRIs file divorce case abroad?
Yes, if a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) married in India wants a divorce, then he/she can do so by filing a petition in India or in the country where both of them are residing. The Indian law provides for this exception of filing a divorce in another country. It says that a petition can be filed within the jurisdiction of the courts of which the parties to the marriage last resided.

Will this Foreign Decree be recognized by the Indian Courts?
– The Indian courts do not recognize the decree passed by the foreign courts if the decree so made is inconclusive under Section 13 of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908.
– This means that the decree:
– Is not pronounced by a Court of competent jurisdiction.
– Has not been given on the merits of the case.
– Appears on the face of the proceedings to be founded on an incorrect view of international law or a refusal to recognize the law of India in cases in which such law is applicable.
– Was obtained opposed to the principles of natural justice.
– Has been obtained by fraud.
– Sustains a claim founded on a breach of any law in force in India.
– A decree passed by a foreign court may be challenged and declared null and void in an Indian court on the basis of the above conditions.

Can NRIs File Divorce case in India?
Yes, NRIs can file Divorce cases in India and filing a divorce petition in India is a much smoother and safer route as marriage took place in India.

For purposes of appearance in court proceedings, if one party is unable to come to India, then there are two options which could be granted by Court:

*A power of attorney can be accorded to any person. This person should preferably be a family member.
Proceedings can be initiated via Video-Conferencing.

*An additional fee of Rs. 5,000 apart from Rs 20,000 as mentioned above, is applicable for NRI clients.

Will this Indian Decree be recognized by the Foreign Country?
It is important to keep in mind that divorce decrees passed by Indian courts are valid in other countries just like marriages that are registered in India are valid in foreign countries. Basically, no foreign court is going to question if the decree passed by an Indian court on a matter of divorce of a couple married in India is invalid.

The divorce decree needs to be recognized in the foreign country if the couple jointly owns property in that country. Such recognition is gained by filing a petition for recognition in such country in accordance with their laws. This is the last legal requirement for finalizing a divorce in case the divorcing individuals are non-resident Indians.

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Who should file for Mutual consent Divorce in Gurgaon?

It’s never easy to make a decision that you want to file for a divorce. If you feel that your marriage has come to its natural end and you have exhausted all of your efforts to make it work, you can think of filing for Mutual Consent Divorce. Our divorce law firm helps you in making such an important decision of life, we come into picture only when the parties have already decided to dissolve the marriage amicably by their own free will.

What does Mutual consent Divorce means?

It means that when both husband and wife have amicably decided that they cannot live together anymore, then they can get legally separated by obtaining a decree of divorce without putting forth any allegations against each other, in the court of law. The parties should have settled all the disputes between them on their own.

Need help with divorce settlement terms

Yes, we do help us in drafting settlement terms. Our motive is to make sure that future of both the parties and the children (if any) is secured in best possible way.

Documents required for Mutual Divorce in Gurgaon

– Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate
– Two Joint Marriage Photograph
– Two Passport Size photographs of both parties
– Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties

Do my parents need to appear in Gurgaon Court along with me?

No, it’s not required. However, if Judges feel appropriate, they can ask any or both the parties to call up their parents depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Is it mandatory to wait for 6 months before filing Second Motion?

A couple married under Hindu Marriage Act  or Special Marriage Act or Divorce Act, may not need to wait six months for a separation order in the case of mutual consent as the Supreme Court on 12th September, 2017 held that the “cooling off” period in not mandatory and can be waived off. However, the discretion to waive off the period lies with the Honorable judge of the concerned Family court of Gurgaon

How many times do I need to appear in Gurgaon Family Court?

Typically both parties need to appear in front of Family Judge once for each motion (two times for the entire process); however, if Judges feel appropriate, they can call the parties again depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

In which Family Court we can apply for Divorce?

Section 19. of HMA says (Court to which petition shall be presented):

Every petition under this Act shall be presented to the district Court within the local limits of whose ordinary original civil jurisdiction –
(i) the marriage was solemnized, or
(ii) the respondent, at the time of the presentation of the petition, resides, or
(iii) the parties to the marriage last resided together, or
(iii-a) in case the wife is the petitioner, where she is residing on the date of presentation of the petition, or
(iv) the petitioner is residing at the time of the presentation of the petition, in a case where the respondent is, at that time, residing outside the territories to which this Act extends, or has not been heard of as being alive for a period of seven years or more by those persons who would naturally have heard of him if he were alive.

What are the conditions for Mutual consent Divorce?

Section 13B of the Hindu marriage Act 1955 and Section 28 of the Special marriage Act, 1954 provide for divorce by mutual consent on the below mentioned conditions:

  1. That they (husband and wife) have been living separately for a period of one year or more, and
  2. That they have not been able to live together and that they have mutually agreed that the marriage should be dissolved.

Section 10 A of the Divorce Act 1869 (applicable to Christians) provide for divorce by mutual consent on the below mentioned conditions:
1. That they (husband and wife) have been living separately for a period of two years or more, and
2. That they have not been able to live together and that they have mutually agreed that the marriage should be dissolved.